Green Eggs and Ham Pre-Game Breakfast

What to eat to start your St. Patrick’s Day celebration off on the right foot

Green Eggs and Ham Sandwiches

It’s one day a year that many of us post-collegiate, quarter-lifers look forward to at the end of a dark grey winter. St. Patrick’s Day — a chance to celebrate the luck of the Irish and ye old St. Patrick during an afternoon of good friends, boisterous parades, and an endless supply of drinks.

Yet, all day drinking requires some stomach padding beforehand, and we make these wonderful, festive (read: green) egg sandwiches to aid in that goal. If you're the designated cook, recruit lots of friends to help you toast, scramble, and assemble. These are awesome for a crowd, and they get a day of partying started off just right (along with a mug of some Irish hot chocolate, of course).

What to Serve:

Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast Sandwiches

Irish Hot Chocolate