Grant Achatz Ponders Hotel Business, Aviary Book

Alinea chef teases hotel plan on Twitter
Facebook/The Aviary

Grant Achatz teased a new hotel and an upcoming Aviary cocktail book on Twitter.

Hotels and restaurants have a lot in common. Both take in guests for a certain period of time, take care of them, and make them feel at home in exchange for potentially quite large sums of money. And the presence of a really good restaurant can be a major draw for a hotel, so the hotel Grant Achatz teased on Twitter early Friday is not that out-there of an idea.

"Great restaurants prioritize the front door, guests coming and departing. This, and room service, is where hotels fail. #letsbuildahotel," he said.

One Twitter musing does not necessarily mean a thing will happen for sure, but it sounds like Achatz's business partner, Nick Kokonas, is already on board.

"@Gachatz already own the URL chef. Ready to roll. Front desk? No need."

If they do build a hotel, we look forward to seeing how they redefine room service and what Achatz's version of the continental breakfast would look like.

This is not the first time Achatz has used Twitter to announce an idea or project. Earlier this year he teased the first 2014 menu at Next with a Twitter picture of Chicago magazine's "best steakhouse" issue. And shortly after the hotel Tweet went out, a Twitter user asked Achatz if he had plans to make an Aviary book, and Achatz responded in the affirmative.

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" Yes we will," he said. "Hopefully in 2014."