'Golden Girls' Cookbook Was Inspired By The 1980s Sitcom

Sophia on "The Golden Girls" once dreamed of a tomato-sauce empire, with actress Estelle Getty declaring, "We could put Paul Newman out of business!" Her daughter Dorothy, played perfectly by Bea Arthur, cracked back with, "Ma, if you had your choice of a spaghetti sauce with your picture on it or Paul Newman's picture on it, which would you choose?"

But Sophia's dream may rise again. "The Golden Girls" favorite eats will soon be coming to a kitchen near you. A cookbook featuring recipes inspired by the 1980s and 1990s NBC sitcom will be published in 2020, according to Babble, which shared a double-fudge chocolate cheesecake recipe from the book. (After all, the Girls famously hashed their problems out over a late-night table of cheesecake.)

The book will be published by Disney imprint Kingswell, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Let's hope the recipes will be better than the Sperheuven Krispies whipped up by Rose (Betty White), an "ancient Scandinavian midnight snack" that smelled so bad the Girls had to hold their noses while they ate them.

It's not the "Girls" first venture into food. In 2017, there was a Golden Girls café in New York called Rue La Rue Café, named for star Rue McClanahan. And the four Miami ladies have their faces featured on bottles of hot sauce.

While we await the Girls' cookbook, keep the laughs coming with this list of 20 foods and drinks that were invented by mistake.