Penne Pasta in a Creamy Sherry Tomato Sauce

Penne Pasta in a Creamy Sherry Tomato Sauce

My mom’s side is Italian so I did grow up on a lot of Italian style dishes including lots of pasta! I have a pretty big weakness for pasta. Especially when it’s dosed in a rich and creamy sauce.

For this dish, I created a luxuriously rich sauce using tomato puree, spices, heavy cream, and a secret ingredient – sherry! I used Oloroso sherry which helps elevate the flavors. I chose Oloroso sherry because it has a slightly nutty flavor to it which adds a little richness to the dish.

Not only do I love using sherry in my dishes but I also like enjoying a glass alongside my dinner! For Oloroso, I like to serve it slightly chilled. If you have different sets of wine glasses for red and white then I would recommend using a white wine glass.

When I serve heavy tomato based pasta dishes like this, I also like to top the bowl with a few dollops of fresh ricotta cheese!

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xo Jus

*Post sponsored by Sherry Wines. Recipe and opinions are my own :).