Gray Kunz Releases Cult Spoons In Gold

The Gray Kunz spoon is a cult object revered by chefs, and the much loved kitchen tool just got a fancy new gold paint job to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The original spoon was created 20 years ago by Gray Kunz when he was the chef at Lespinasse, and originally it was only given to people working in Kunz's kitchen. Once it started being available for purchase, the Gray Kunz spoon became wildly popular in professional kitchens. It is precisely balanced and shaped to hold exactly 2.5 tablespoons, and it has a slightly tapered edge. It also has a slightly shorter than normal handle, which is said to make it easier to handle. It is used for everything from tasting to saucing, plating, shaping quenelles, stirring, measuring, and flipping things on the grill.

The original spoon is $10 and made of stainless steel, but this week chefs like Chad Brauze of Rotisserie Georgette and Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese Food have been posting photos of their new spoons, which are shiny and gold.

"All gold everything," Bowien Tweeted.

The new spoons, which are sure to provoke envy in everyone who did not receive theirs as gifts, are plated with gold via a spray technology for a finish that will reportedly hold up even in an industrial dishwasher. They were available online for $39, but the first shipment quickly sold out. Preorders are available for the next shipment, which will be the last and is expected to arrive October 15.