Gobble Up This Turkey-Shaped Butter For Thanksgiving

Spread the holiday love with a seasonally shaped dairy product

The poor doomed turkey is often the theme of Thanksgiving tables. In addition to ending up as the main course, you may find turkeys on decorations, platters, paper napkins, and more. But how about on the butter dish? Philadelphia-based Keller’s Creamery offers turkey-shaped butter sculptures so cute you’ll feel guilty about stabbing a knife into them and spreading them on your rolls.

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Speaking as someone who lives in Seattle, I’ve never seen Keller’s products on a shelf anywhere near me, but if you live a bit closer to New York and Philly, you should be able to find them at such stores as Wegmans, Whole Foods, Walmart and other options. Wegmans online lists a four-ounce sculpture as costing $3.99.

Keller’s did not respond to a request for comment, but according to Delish.com, the turkey butter sculptures are already flying off grocery-store shelves. (If only turkeys could fly, which Les Nessman of “WKRP in Cincinnati” fame wishes he would have known.)

Keller’s also sells Christmas tree, bunny and lamb-shaped butter sculptures, so once you find a source, you’re good for shapely butter for both Christmas and Easter as well. Or make your own: Amazon and other online stores sell turkey, pumpkin and other shapes of butter molds.


A Thanksgiving butter sculpture sounds a little like something Chef Monica Geller on “Friends” would attempt to pull off right before their hard-fought game of touch football. If you miss that 1990s sitcom gang, check out 10 iconic “Friends” Thanksgiving moments.