Go Green With These 5 Sustainable Party Kits

Earth Day is just around the corner, coming up on April 22, but it shouldn't have to be an eco-friendly holiday for us to remind you that going green is great.

These Party Kits Are Good For Your Party and For the Earth!

Once upon a time you would have been able to feign ignorance about where to find sustainable party goods because they weren't as accessible. Nowadays, everywhere from Walmart to Party City has a selection of eco-friendly options when it comes to party supplies.

If you're shopping for the whole lot — everything from tablecloths to dessert plates and everything in between — it might be wise to invest in a party kit that contains everything you need. It's smart, budget-friendly, and good for the Earth.

With collections made from recycled paper, bamboo, bagasse, and other compostable products, each kit is ideal for the Earth and for your party needs. Not only will you be satisfied with these kits, but you'll be happy to know you shopped wisely.

All but one of these kits are compostable. To find a composter near you, head here.