GMO Awareness: What is Your Stance on GM Food?

We want to know where you stand on this hot-button issue

Help us understand your understanding of GMOs.

Lately there has been quite a buzz about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and we are only beginning to understand the impact socially, economically, and medically they are having on society.

For some of us, GMOs trigger opinions on everything from farm-raised fishing to confusing labeling laws. You may have even read coverage on our site, from GMO general information or reports of products like Cheerios dropping GM ingredients and stores like Whole Foods going GMO-free.

The amount of literature, research and opinions seem to be endles and because of that, we are curious: how much do you really know?

In an effort to gauge our readers’ knowledge based, we pulled together a survey of specific questions to help us navigate and comprehend the influence GMOs have made on our food-loving readership.  Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with the topics surrounding GMOs, we ask that you please take the time to fill out this survey so we can better understand where you are coming from on this very important topic.

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