Gluten-Free Pasta With Anchovies, Lemons And Olives Recipe

Gluten-Free Pasta With Anchovies, Lemons And Olives Recipe
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People are afraid of anchovies. They remember super-fishy bites from Caesar salads or bad chain pizza. But eating a good anchovy is a different experience than you imagine. Anchovies are distinctively fishy, but the texture is more like a meat than a fish. They are as salty as the sea, but more like the ocean water around ports. This is the food of a working man in a cloth cap taking a lunch break. Anchovies are perfect for making a pasta dish, because the oil they are packed in helps to flavor the sauce. You won’t be eating chunks of fish, because the anchovies will melt away in the hot pasta. You’ll just have that indelible taste of the Mediterranean, indolent summer warmed by the sun. Click here to see 6 Quick and Easy Pasta Recipes Adapted from the "Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef" by Shauna James Ahern and Daniel Ahern. Click here to see the Fresh Gluten-Free Pasta recipe.