Giuliana and Bill Rancic to Host a 'Guess the Sex' Party

The couple, who are expecting a baby after a long fertility battle, are inviting guests to guess the baby's sex

'Guess the Sex' at your baby shower!

It’s no secret that E! correspondent Giuliana Rancic and her husband have had a tough time having a baby, due in part to her cancer diagnosis last year. But after a long road, the two happily announced the news that they’re expecting via a gestational surrogate.

Now, with all the excitement, the couple is getting ready to celebrate. Since they've been keeping the baby's sex a mystery to friends, family, and millions of fans, they’re revealing all at a "guess the sex" shower to be held in mid-June. 

Though Giuliana has mentioned that it's very hard to keep the sex under wraps, we’re sure this party will be well worth the wait. 

Confused? A "guess the sex" party is where the couple shares the news with friends and family with a big reveal — usually the filling of a cake is dyed the appropriate shade of blue or pink. 

Are you pregnant or have a friend or family member who is and they aren’t spilling the beans? At the shower, have guests choose a side — boy or girl, pink or blue. Play games based on gender, like what is the mom-to-be craving, (for girls: sweets, for boys: sours), play name names, and create a pool on the gender and due date.

When the cake is finally sliced, crown a winner and celebrate — the secret’s out!