A Giant Truffle Comes To Garces Trading Company

Guests can add shavings to dishes to benefit the Garces Foundation
Wikimedia Commons/ Kork

Jose Garces' Garces trading Company recently received a 21-ounce truffle, the largest found in Australia this year.

Truffles are an expensive specialty, with even the smallet gnarled knobs retailing for upwards of $100 in gourmet grocery stores. In finer restaurants, slender curls are shaved over dishes like flakes of gold. The mysteriousy earthiness of truffles have delighted and seduced culinary enthiasts for centuries, and are showing no signs of slowing.

Garces Trading Company, Iron Chef Jose Garces' Italian restaurant in Philadelphia, has recently received a whopping 21 ounce truffle, donated by The Wine and Truffle Company from Manjimup West Australia. This special truffle is the largest found in Australia this year, and is worth over $2,000! All fall, guests at GTC can order shavings from this truffle on top of scallop risotto or funghi pizza for a charge of $10, with all proceeds going to benefit The Garces Foundation.


The Garces Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve the immigrant communities in Philadelphia, with an emphasis on education and healthcare. They run their own initiatives, including a Community Health Day at Garces Dental Group, where uninsured patients can receive free care, and English for the Kitchen, an English as a second language training program for restaurant workers.