Getting Married At The State Fair: The Eco-Friendly Way

Getting married at an actual state fair may present certain insurmountable challenges. I'm thinking, in particular, of the crowds. This is your special day, do you really want to be waiting in line for the Ferris wheel? Instead, create your very own state fair!

If you have the capital to rent some rides, go right ahead. But if it's the vibe you're after, you can achieve it cheaply with just a few clever decorations and your fun-loving spirit. Start out by finding the perfect outdoor location. Look for a site with lots of trees and expansive green lawns.

Vintage Table Cloths
State fairs are all about local tradition. They celebrate local farmers and merchants and serve as a marketplace for all sorts of homemade goods. Channel the tradition with some vintage textiles. Checkered tablecloths are always classic, but feel free to experiment with other festive patterns, too. Embroidered textiles are beautiful and always state fair appropriate. Stick to bright, summery colors like yellows, reds, and oranges to maintain the right vibe.




Hang some triangular flags on a piece of organic cotton string to evoke the gaming booths and livestock auctions of the state fair. If you aren't the DIY type, check out the recycled paper banners on Etsy. There are plenty to choose from in many different styles, shapes, and sizes, and they're all affordably priced.





The only downside of having your state fair wedding outside is the chance of inclement weather. Protect your guests and food tables with a rented tent. Tents are classic state fair staples and they're eco-friendly since you aren't buying one new. Many tent rental companies have models that emulate the classic circus tent style with a tall central pole.





Imagine this: a table covered in traditional state fair goodies! The catch? They're all 100 percent organic. Anything the state fair can make, you can make sustainable — organic kettle corn made with raw sugar, organic hot dogs dipped in locally milled flour batter made with free range eggs and then deep-fried in organic vegetable oil, homemade rock candy complete with soy-based food coloring — the entire spread can be completely authentic and completely responsible. Once you've got the organic batter, try frying up all sorts of delicious state fair treats. Locally made pickles are particularly delicious after the deep fryer has had its way with them. Also consider some sweet favorites like organic giant lollipops, organic ice cream, and vegan cupcakes.



—Anni M., The Green Bride Guide 

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