Get Ready For Back To School With The Daily Meal

Pencils, backpacks, erasers – these are the things you'll be checking off of your list to-do come September when you're getting ready to send the kids back to school. But what about their nutrition? Whether it's making sure they eat healthy at school, that they're well fed the night before a big test, or even given the perfect snack to help them score that extra goal, a child's nutrition is one of the most important aspects of helping them have a successful year.

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To help you get into gear for the school year, we've got the perfect back to school guide involving all things food and nutrition. If you're looking to ace your kids school lunches this year, we've got the perfect guides to help, including sneaky ways of getting them to eat right, and easy and fun recipes they'll be excited about.  Along with inspiration, we provide cooking ideas even beyond lunches, including fueling breakfasts, healthy after-school snacks, and the perfect weeknight dinners — all the way keeping in mind health-conscious and allergy-minded priorities. Along with cooking inspiration, we also provide you with the facts, including updates, news, and studies that involve you and your children, what they need to eat to stay smart, and what they're eating at school.

There's more than just making sure the pencils are sharpened, so check out our Back to School Guide and make sure your kids have a healthy and nutritious year.