Genius Eats an Ear of Corn in 10 Seconds

Or crazy person. Take your pick

OK, this is just ridiculous. While chefs are bringing in liquid nitrogen and lasers and printers into the kitchen, kids are grabbing drills and sticking them in corn cobs. This kid in particular decided it would be a good idea to utilize an electric drill to expedite his corn-eating habits, and while it is kind of fascinating, it's a bit ridiculous.

Watch below as this guy eats an ear of corn in 10 seconds, as the drill removes any necessary corn/mouth maneuvering and treats his teeth as knives. Gross, messy, and not particularly tasty-looking, but efficient. On the other hand, we're sure his teeth were fairly wrecked and plastered with bits of corn, so don't try this at home. It isn't very polite to spill your corn all over your face, bring hardware to the dinner table, and stuff your mouth full of corn kernels. Your mother, along with your guests, probably wouldn't be too pleased.

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