The Funniest Ice Cream Book Ever

Recipes and notes about Humphry Slocombe's cookbook

You have to love a book that thanks you straight off the bat for being a fan. Case in point, the introduction of the Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book: "Hey, b*tches, thanks for buying our ice cream book."

OK, maybe this book thanks their readers in a less conventional way than most.

The cookbook of the popular San Francisco-based ice cream shop is one to buy, not only because of its fabulous, over-the-top recipes, but also because it makes you laugh. And laugh hard, at that. Who doesn’t need a good laugh every now and then?

Granted, this is not a book you should buy for your grandmother (unless she happens to have an awesome sense of humor). But it is a book you will want to read cover-to-cover, just for the hilarity of the writing, the good humor, and the honesty that comes across in every recipe introduction and note.

The book just isn’t about having fun, though there is plenty of that. The team also makes phenomenal ice cream and has picked up a dedicated and passionate following. Whether it’s an Elvis (The Fat Years) ice cream — prime example of their incredible recipe titles — or a vegan sorbet that gets a kick from cayenne, the flavor combinations in this book are unique and exciting. Of course, there is the requisite strawberry ice cream, but that’s given the title of "Here’s Your Damn Strawberry Ice Cream."

We could go on and on about why this book is so funny and entertaining, but you should probably pick up a copy and see for yourself. Get started with the recipes below and let us know what you think!

Cayenne Cantaloupe

This vegan sorbet gets a fun twist from vodka and cayenne. 







Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee

While the store uses coffee from Blue Bottle (stores in both NYC and San Francisco area), any strong ground coffee will do for the recipe. 






Elvis (The Fat Years) Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Dedicated to Elvis for his love of peanut butter and bananas, this delicious recipe uses a homemade peanut brittle