Fun Wedding Food Statistics

No wedding is the same; see where you fall in the ranks with your menu items

How many couples sit at a sweetheart table? Read to find out!

These days, weddings have gotten a bit haute. By haute, we mean there really is no one cookie-cutter wedding anymore. With social media booming in recent years and the creation and success of sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and, having an original wedding is very doable.

See where you rank as a couple in these wedding food statistics!

With that said, there is still a checklist that every bride and groom must go through: choosing a venue, picking a photographer, selecting their favorite filling for a wedding cake, and inviting their friends and family to be part of their wedding party. Those things are relatively consistent for every couple, but there are a ton of loose ends to tie and gray area to cover in between all that. After all, this is your big day and to make it your own, you need to get creative.

In doing our daily, weekly, and monthly reading — in regards to weddings and entertaining — we’ve come across a few statistics from Brides and The Knot that show where America stands in relation to food on the big day. No wedding is the same and these numbers don’t lie. 

Who’s going luxe at their cocktail hour? Are groom’s cakes just prevalent in the South? And, what’s the deal with registering, anyway? Find out here in our roundup!