A Fruit Label That Washes Your Fruit

Here's something that should've been invented years ago: A fruit label sticker turns into produce wash when rubbed with water. It's organic, it doesn't waste stickers, and you don't have to buy expensive fruit wash anymore.

"I always thought that those labels should have some sort of use," creator Scott Amron says. "And I figured the thing people really do with fruit besides eat it, is wash it."

The concept started out as a pocket of fruit wash behind the label, which customers would break open to clean their fruit.

"The blister would've added material and would've been unecessary," Amron says. "Then I realized you don't need that much fruit wash to clean a single piece of fruit. So I integrated it inside the construction of the label, making the label dissolvable but still water-resistant."

Details on the actual construction of the sticker are still secret, but we're hoping these will be used everywhere soon.

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