# Trump

A restaurant in Oklahoma put up a sign warning customers who use the bathroom not to ‘be caught in the wrong one’
Meals on Wheels is reporting a $100,000 surge in donations following the release of Trump’s budget proposal
McDonald’s deleted the rogue tweet and later confirmed that they were hacked
The ‘America First’ budget proposal would grow the defense sector while the FDA, USDA, and services like Meals on Wheels suffer
Kellyanne Conway was asked to serve as an expert witness for a lawsuit against Whole Foods, but it didn’t turn out well
Starbucks claims that boycotts for their decision to hire 10,000 refugees has not hurt sales or customer satisfaction ratings
Piro’s Taco Truck is a street eats mainstay in Houston, but owner Piro Garcia was taken away by ICE forces a month ago
The owners of Cork Wine Bar are demanding that the Trump Hotel restaurants close for the duration of the presidency
Restaurants around the nation and globe are reducing menus, donating profits, and closing to celebrate International Women’s Day
A Congressman recently invited immigrant activist chef José Andrés as his guest during Trump’s first address to Congress