Trump Supporters Are Less Likely To Drink Lattes For This Reason

No wonder they love boycotting Starbucks' red cups so much. According to a new study, conservatives are less likely to drink lattes than liberals because they are less open to globalization. Conducted by the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, the study surveyed 1,500 Americans about their coffee preferences, political ideology, household income, gender, zip code, and attitude towards globalization.

The report, called "The Real Reason Liberals Drink Lattes," found that while both political identities enjoyed coffee and Americans as a whole largely prefer brewed coffee overall, liberals were more likely to opt for lattes than those who lean all the way to the right. The study found 16 percent of liberals preferred lattes while only 9 percent of conservatives did.

As suggested by the study, the Italian-sounding word "latte" is what really puts conservatives off of the delicious espresso and milk beverage available in such American eateries as Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and McDonald's. Study co-author and professor of political science and communication Diana Mutz says that conservatives may view lattes as a foreign product reflecting European roots and therefore as un-American.

According to Munchies, latte consumption essentially contributes more to the American economy than regular coffee does, because the milk used to make lattes comes from the American dairy industry. Look who's actually putting America first!

Could we hypothesize that Trump supporters probably aren't into eating at the best Mexican restaurant in every state? We'll just be over here enjoying our enchiladas and our Italian pizza and Chinese food.