# Trump

Papa John’s stock upgrades as analysts believe people will stay in and order pizza — not go out — during election season
Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick took out a full-page ad in The New York Times to blast Trump’s candidacy
One woman is claiming that a Mexican restaurant in Orange County, New York, ousted her for supporting The Donald
Dairy farmers say that Trump’s illegal immigrant deportation plan could spell trouble for America’s milk supply
Donald Trump faces a deposition in court against Geoffrey Zakarian who allegedly pulled out of a contract with him
Donald Trump says the temporary Budweiser name change to America is a ‘clear sign’ of a future presidential win
Vinnie’s Pizza Shop in Portland has released a triple cheese Donald Trump pie specifically ‘not for losers and haters’
Donald Trump knows how to reach America's Spanish-speaking population: tell them he loves them, and eat some pseudo-Mexican food
Warren Buffet eats ice cream for breakfast, Bill Gates is addicted to Diet Coke: Here’s what the world’s richest eat and drink
Just before the New York primary, Donald Trump reminded a crowd in Buffalo that he had been a personal witness to ‘7-Eleven’