# Taco Bell

It has not been confirmed how long the test will run
Taco Bell rings, hot sauce pins, and taco-shaped earbud holders can be surprisingly chic holiday gifts
Give back this holiday season when you buy from this online source of Taco Bell swag
Taco Bell introduces its first green chile queso sauce, as well as steakhouse burritos and nachos
The first Taco Bell merchandise store opened inside a 24-hour Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas that will sell alcoholic slushies
These chains make it surprisingly easy to eat healthy
McDonald’s adds fried spicy nacho cheese wedges to the menu as part of its Great Tastes of the World promotion
Taco Bell UK’s newest quirky creation is a Kit Kat Chocodilla, made with chocolate instead of cheese
It seems a little weird that a restaurant that offers a Doritos shell taco would warrant that title, but it’s the truth
White Castle is the most frequented late-night fast-food chain according to data from Foursquare