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Hershey’s Exploring Removal of Corn Syrup, Moving Toward Sugar
George Prior is doing this as an experiment to showcase the damage sugar does to one’s body
Berkley, Calif. has become the first city in America to pass a soda tax at one cent per ounce
Just because it’s not super-sweet, doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded with sugar
Public health advocate Marion Nestle cautions against the soda industry’s careful PR spinning about curbing American obesity
A recent Gallup poll says that almost two-thirds of Americans are avoiding soda in their diets
When you pour a bottle of soda, you're really pouring out 2.5 days-worth of sugar!
A silo of sugar caught fire in central Germany
The chemicals found in Truvia are harmless to humans, but not so great for flies. So if you have a bug problem in your home, it's a win-win situation.