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The beverage industry seeks to invalidate Philadelphia’s soda tax that was implemented last year in front of an appeals court
The brand says it wants consumers to ‘grab summer by the lemons’ with its newest products
A Nigerian court ruled that the high levels of benzoic acid and artificial coloring in Sprite and Fanta are ‘poisonous’
The brand initially launched the campaign in 2012
Philadelphia’s soda tax, implemented last June, is already making a huge difference with mixed results
The fast-food giant has revealed why the iconic soft drink really shines at its restaurants
A single can of Coke has 39 grams of sugar, about 14 grams more than WHO says we should consume all day, so why the support?
The company is focusing on lowering sugar, salt, and fat in new and healthier products
The move to push the brand comes after a year in which sales declined 10 percent in volume in the second quarter
Coca-Cola Plus, originally tested in Japan, is being dubbed ‘the healthiest soda you can buy’