Review: Sprite Ginger Makes A Great Moscow Mule

Sprite is making a splash with a brand new soda now available nationwide. The Coca Cola-owned brand took sugar and spice to create Sprite Ginger, a lemon-lime and ginger-flavored pop, and Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar, which has zero calories. So, are they any good?

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Thanks to our friends at Sprite, The Daily Meal was able to taste test both varieties, and we thought they were OK. There's a kiss of ginger, but it's light. The new Sprite flavors would make for great mixers. In fact, one editor had Sprite Ginger as part of a vodka cocktail, and it made a fantastic Moscow Mule. 

So how did it fare when you took the vodka out of the equation?

"I'm a pretty big Sprite and ginger fan, so this product feels made for me, at least in name," another staffer said. "Sprite Ginger had a little gingery bite to it. It's nowhere near as pungent as ginger ale, but you do get ginger on the nose and a little ginger kick on the tail end of the sip."

"The Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar fell a little more flat for me," she continued. "Somehow, it was sweeter than the regular Sprite Ginger, and I had a very hard time finding any ginger flavor in it at all."

The same editor warned she had wonton soup with a large amount of ginger in it for lunch, so real, fresh ginger was on her palate and may have affected her ability to taste the flavor in Sprite Ginger. Thankfully, we had additional taste testers whose tastebuds hadn't been compromised.

"The ginger doesn't really hit you until the aftertaste," another editor said. "And Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar definitely tasted like diet soda."

Case closed. While we probably wouldn't drink them straight, we would recommend them for Moscow Mules. 

Sprite Ginger is now available in 20-ounce and 2-liter bottles, and 12-pack 12-ounce cans. You can find Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar in 12-ounce cans. To try it for yourself, pick up a pack next time you're at your favorite grocery store.