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Coca-Cola has replaced Coke Zero with ‘Coke No Sugar’ in overseas markets, and it's supposed to taste more like original Coke
The Seattle City Council voted to place a tax on sugary drinks, including most soda
Protests turned into violent riots on May Day anti-Trump protests in Oregon, and ironically Pepsi hindered the situation
The soda is made with pure cane sugar as opposed to the high-fructose corn syrup used in other sodas
The company says it continues to plan on becoming a ‘total beverage company’
The President uses the secret button on the Resolute Desk to order a Coke, as revealed in an Associated Press interview
A new study has linked soda, and especially diet soda consumption, with increased risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia
The study also found that sales of healthier beverages rose and overall grocery bills didn’t increase
After Clair Daniels tweeted her wish for a Dr Pepper fountain, the soda brand shipped one to her home
One of the company’s initiatives involves thinking big by selling small