# President

José Andrés announced on Twitter that he will be running for president on a third-party ticket; but he’s probably joking
Jeb Bush, after dropping out of the election, is apparently still selling his campaign’s official guacamole bowl
Donald Trump, in an interview with Anderson Cooper, revealed his love of fast food, especially Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and KFC
Ted Cruz says that the ‘last thing’ the president should have to worry about is ‘providing gluten-free’ MREs’ for soldiers
The First Daughters have simply asked what every teen would want for Christmas: money and macaroni and cheese for dinner
A Snapchat allegedly shows the eldest Obama daughter at a party with beer pong during a visit to Brown University
‘I’m going to take all of those,’ Obama informed a barista
Donald Trump is selling a red Solo-style cup in his official 2016 presidential campaign online store
You can find a bottle of the novelty Bernie Sanders hot sauce on Zazzle for less than $10 per bottle

Take a swig every time one of these three takes a swing at President Obama.