# potato chips

The man didn’t want to touch the food in his trailer because it wasn’t his
Matilda Curcia drinks a beer every night and says it keeps her feeling good
The fried potato-ketchup combo is a no-brainer
A Chinese company is selling Bob Dylan lyrics inside otherwise-empty potato chip bags, and the Internet is confused
A chemical reaction takes place when potatoes are fried, and that’s not a good thing
The ‘Great Potato Chip Crisis’ has Japanese customers buying crisps for $12 a bag, thanks to a bad potato crop
A new lawsuit against Wise Foods claims that Wise is ripping people off with bags that aren’t ‘proportioned’ to their contents
One of Sweden’s leading microbreweries tapped into the world of luxury snacks
The former executive for the snack food company pled guilty to defrauding the company out of $1.4 million
Chips prescribed for high potassium and sea salt to help with water retention