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Think American fast food is the worst? Check out these strange overseas offerings from some familiar names
Pizza Hut UK was not having any of Kanye’s crazed Twitter rant about ‘not having enough money’ so they offered him a job
Pizza Hut and Papa John’s are both offering their version of a heart-shaped pizza
Chain offers half lobster on top of a pizza or pasta
Pizza Hut is giving away 50 Golden Garlic Knot pizzas for the Super Bowl, made with $100 of real, edible gold
Pizza Hut is now offering a Hash Bites Crust Pizza at its New Zealand restaurants
Pizza Hut is the largest pizza company in the world
Promotion only applies when you order two or more items from the menu
The ‘Nordic Star’ is a star-shaped pizza topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon
Pizza Hut Swag is a thing now, as announced by the pizza chain last week, and the online store sells branded merchandise