Pizza Hut Announces New Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza

When a pizza and a cracker love each other very much, a Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza is born. No, it's not a pizza filled with Cheez-Its (although that sounds fantastic too). It's a giant, fluffy-looking orange square resembling the iconic snack, jam-packed with melty fromage and served with a side of marinara sauce.

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An order of Pizza Hut's new Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza comes with four supersized squares flavored with the same sharp cheese as the legendary bite-size crackers, filled with either just cheese or cheese and pepperoni. No word yet on what exactly the crust is made out of, but it kind of resembles a calzone from Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory.

The new menu item isn't the result of a freak lab experiment though. According to a release from the chain, it was inspired by Pizza Hut's largest fan base, college students. With that in mind, the culinary team started thinking about what students eat and figured every freshman must have a stash of Cheez-Its in their closet, which is pretty much true.

Relive your dormitory days with the new Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza, available now for $6.49 at Pizza Hut locations nationwide. On Sept. 24, the limited-time munchie will join the $5 N' Up Lineup for just $6 when you buy two or more items from that specific menu for delivery, carryout or dine-in. Try it while you can because this is bound to go down as one of the most outrageous fast food items of all time.