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If you participated in the Book It! Reading program as a child, you are eligible to get a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is expanding its New York-style by-the-slice concept to more regions
Pizza Hut has debuted “Skinny Slices,” which lop off as much as 250 calories per slice
The released video is disturbing and sad.
A missing word from a promotional banner led to one of Pizza Hut Australia's most disastrous campaigns ever.
Pizza Hut found a way to add more bacon to pizza
New Pizza Hut ad campaign in Japan shows what would happen if cats worked at a Pizza Hut
The charity promotion will only run on July 16, but you can get your chocolate chip cookie fix anytime after that too!
Maybe you're not quite up to throwing a nunchaku around, but this summer, you can eat like a ninja turtle at Pizza Hut.
Pizza Hut Canada rolled out four pizzas celebrating diversity