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The drizzle is a part of Pizza Hut’s latest menu revamp, along with other new sauces, drizzles, and crust flavors
First marmite, and now this. And all we get in America is cheese-stuffed crust.
If you participated in the Book It! Reading program as a child, you are eligible to get a free personal pizza from Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut is expanding its New York-style by-the-slice concept to more regions
Pizza Hut has debuted “Skinny Slices,” which lop off as much as 250 calories per slice
The released video is disturbing and sad.
A missing word from a promotional banner led to one of Pizza Hut Australia's most disastrous campaigns ever.
Pizza Hut found a way to add more bacon to pizza
New Pizza Hut ad campaign in Japan shows what would happen if cats worked at a Pizza Hut
The charity promotion will only run on July 16, but you can get your chocolate chip cookie fix anytime after that too!