# Nestle

Previously, Nestlé blocked Cadbury from trademarking a specific shade of purple
A petition is going around to stop the California-based Nestlé from continuing to bottle water in the middle of a drought
Major companies are making efforts to meet consumers’ calls for ingredient transparency
Nestlé will begin rolling out chocolate products without artificial additives by mid-2015
Ethical Coffee is suing Nespresso for ‘harpooning’ off-brand espresso pods

Nestlé Health Science is exploring ways to advance methods of nutritional therapy over traditional drugs.

A scientist prepares samples for mass spectrometry analysis at the Proteomic and Metabonomic Core, a laboratory within the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences.

Nescafé’s customers in Japan will be assisted by robots
Nestlé Announces Big Changes to Animal Welfare Practices
Nestlé is inviting travelers in Japan to board the Sanriku Railway, where they can pay to ride the special trains with Kit Kats