Nestlé's New Funfetti Morsels Will Brighten Your Day And Baking

Your favorite grocery store's baking aisle has a new resident: Nestlé Toll House Funfetti Morsels. Get ready for everything you make to taste like birthday cake.

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For the uninitiated, Funfetti is cake with the sprinkles inside the baking mix. These morsels follow suit. The white and candy-colored Funfetti chips have a vanilla birthday cake flavor, making them an ideal unexpected ingredient for cookies, pancakes or other easy five-ingredient desserts

Add the morsels to any fun kid-friendly recipes or just melt the chips and pour over some sweet popcorn.  

Nestlé Toll House Funfetti Morsels will be available in the baking aisle at Kroger, Hannaford, Target and select regional grocery chains. 

Now allow us to just keep pretending Funfetti Morsels were counted among the foods you should eat every day.