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Diamond-shaped stamp with the letters T-H-C must be present on all edibles
More than half of the study’s respondents under age 60 have used it at some point, but fewer than 10 percent use it regularly
Emails from Wikileaks prove that the alcohol industry is leading the charge to enact regulations for medical marijuana
A proposal for California cannabis farmers would give ‘Mendocino County’ the same valuable ring as ‘Napa Valley’ has for wine
The tenant says his landlords ate his “special” cake without asking
You don’t need to be stoned to enjoy the restaurant’s indulgent offerings
The tractor trailer is under investigation for the unauthorized leafy greens
A failed ‘drug deal’ on a college campus turned violent when the would-be dealers shot their customer with a BB gun
The Humboldt Vodka brand has just released a line of weed-flavored vodka called ‘Humboldt’s Finest,’ with zero THC in it
A prominent chef was arrested Friday at the border between the US and Canada for possession of several pounds of THC edibles