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Follow these simple tips to wake up headache-free in 2017
Alcosynth is a synthetic alcohol invented by a British scientist that has all the benefits of drinking without the side effects
Scientists at the National Drug Research Institute have determined that red wine will give you more of a headache the next day
Koryo Liquor is “suave and causes no hangover,” according to an article in the state-controlled Pyongyang Times
GrubHub has revealed that deep dish pizza wins by a landslide for favorite food ordered on New Year’s Day
Serious Pig has developed a hangover cure meat stick that they claim will make you feel better after a night of partying
Ho-ho-hangover? These simple tricks will have you feeling better
If you’re looking to be productive the next day, there are tactics involved

7-Eleven: Helping you to add a little romance to your lives. 

The amount may shock you into never drinking them again