Beer And Wine Will Give You The Same Hangover, New Study Finds

It doesn't matter whether you stick to only beer or drink just wine or even alternate the two — you're still going to wake up with a hangover. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tested the theory with students and found that no matter what you drink, if you drink to excess, you're going to wake up not feeling so good.

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Researchers from Witten/Herdecke University and the University of Cambridge tested 90 students between the ages of 19 and 40 and split them in to three separate groups. According to the BBC, one group drank two-and-a-half pints of beer followed by four glasses of white wine. Another group had four glasses of white wine and then two-and-a-half pints of beer. The third group, considered the control in this study, only had beer or wine up to a blood alcohol level of 0.11 percent.

The researchers tested the students once, and then tested them again swapping their orders. The control group switched their drinks. Participants were asked to evaluate how drunk they were at the end of each study and were kept under medical supervision overnight.

The next day, the students were asked to grade their hangovers, taking into consideration thirst, fatigue, headache, dizziness, and nausea. The study found that changing the order of the beverages made no significant difference to the hangovers and that it was also difficult to predict the intensity of a hangover even with given information like your age and weight.

"The truth is that drinking too much of any alcoholic drink is likely to result in a hangover. The only reliable way of predicting how miserable you'll feel the next day is by how drunk you feel and whether you are sick," Jöran Köchling of Witten/Herdecke University told Fortune.

Notably, liquor wasn't a component of the study, and its inclusion may have turned up different results. Vodka, for instance, was found to be the alcohol least likely to give you a hangover in an earlier study.

So while there are ways to prevent a hangover (like not drinking as much or simply not drinking at all) you can definitely nurse yourself back to your pre-hangover health with these 10 foods and drinks.