# Halal

After 15 years of advertising as halal, the franchise owner has been ordered to stop
The college is making an inclusive move to feed its practicing Muslim students something other than just vegetables
A Muslim man in Michigan is seeking $100 million in a lawsuit over a mislabeled pepperoni pizza at Little Caesars
Opening marks first Nevada location
This week, an ambitious cow attempted to escape from a halal slaughterhouse in Jamaica, Queens
Swedish conservatives sent out a flier claiming that halal slaughter was illegal
Angry shoppers in the UK are protesting against an Asda supermarket that only sells halal meat, claiming animal cruelty
No Link Between Halal Certification and Funding of Terrorists, Australian Watchdog Group Tells Senate
The Halal Guys are getting ready for their first-ever West Coast location opening October 2 in Costa Mesa, California
Residents attacked the shop after pork was discovered in a delivery van