# GMO labeling

President Obama just signed the mandatory GMO-labeling bill that has made both sides of the issue unhappy
After months of debate, a compromise in GMO labeling means the bill finally passes, but leaves a bitter taste in our mouths
The Senate voted on Thursday to create a single national GMO labeling bill after more than a year of debates on the issue
Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack added his support for a national, mandatory GMO labeling law, calling on Congress to act
Despite the lack of a federal law, Kellogg has opted to introduce GMO labeling across all states beginning in April
Following in General Mills’ footsteps, Mars has announced that it will introduce GMO labeling on its products nationwide
General Mills will voluntarily label its GMO ingredients across all 50 states, though so far it is only legally required to do s
Chefs from nearly all 50 states have signed a petition urging the Senate to reject the DARK Act, an anti-GMO labeling bill
If the bill passes into law, it would block the mandatory labeling of genetically modified or engineered foods
Tom Colicchio believes strongly that GMOs should be labeled and is outraged that the government wants to hide the truth