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In 2015, while McDonald’s employees fought for a living wage, its CEO made approximately $8 million, plus an allowance
The New York Industrial Board of Appeals upheld the decision to gradually increase the minimum wage to $15 for fast food workers
Governor Cuomo approved the $15 minimum wage, which will be passed in stages over the next six years
The National Labor Relations Board has issued a ruling that allows unions to negotiate with their employer’s parent company
By the time the $15 per hour minimum wage is phased in to multiple states by 2018, these careers will be lower on the totem pole

Are restaurants fed up with the perceived consequences of a $15 minimum wage?

A New York panel is officially recommending a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers, and that would go into effect by 2018
New York State’s panel on fast food wages is set to introduce a new minimum wage recommendation on Wednesday
New York City comptroller Scott Stringer analyzed the possible effects of the entire minimum wage population getting a raise
Why are they suing? Large fast food franchises must comply faster than small food companies, which they claim is unfair