Fast Food Employees Will Soon Earn More Than These Other Career Professionals

After extensive debate, fast food workers in Seattle, New York, and Los Angeles will earn $15 per hour by 2020. This significant minimum wage increase is expected to have extensive effects on each city's economy.In New York City, the minimum wage increase will only impact fast food workers. By the year 2018, when the $15 New York wage goes into effect, researchers predict that fast food workers will earn significantly more income than workers in several other careers.

According to data from the New York State Department of Labor, in 2018, fast food workers will earn $28,800, which is much higher than entry-level preschool teachers ($27,310), morticians ($26,320), entry-level drug rehabilitation counselors ($25,980), medical assistants ($24,960), and lifeguards ($20,810). They will also make more than the entry-level salary for chefs who do not work in fast food restaurants ($26,860).

The current climate for the $15 minimum wage law is controversial. New York State fast food franchisees are expected to sue the state of New York for creating an unfair disadvantage, as the law does not apply to retail workers.