# death

2014 was a great year for food innovation, but sadly we lost some of the greats of the food and drink world

Carrot Top Pastries’ Renee Mancino was a beloved member of the Washington Heights community.

2014 James Beard Humanitarian Award winner Matt Haley has died in a motorcycle crash in India
The celebrity chef died in a base-jumping accident in Spain
Do you drink 28 cups of coffee in a week? You might want to cut back
The actor’s last meal was heavy with fried food, piña coladas, and beer
Women in Brazil donate their excess breast milk to babies who don’t get enough from their mothers
In the US, the study linked about 25,000 deaths to sugary drinks
In response to the lawsuit related to the death of a 14-year-old girl, the beverage company fights back
Known as Patient John, John Alleman passed away after suffering a heart attack last week