14 People Who Fell Off Cruise Ships And Lived To Tell The Tale

Cruises are cool because, on most boats, you can buy a drink pass and booze all you want, head to a fancy dinner or pig out at a buffet, catch a Broadway-style show, watch a movie on the big screen, and go to the spa. Some lines even have planetariums, live concerts, mini-golf, on-deck surfing, and water slides. 

14 People Who Fell Off Cruise Ships and Lived to Tell the Tale Gallery

While many find cruise ships relaxing and virtually stress-free, bad things can happen (and have happened) at sea. According to a set of data compiled by Cruise Junkie, 313 unlucky people have fallen overboard since 2000 — some of whom were never seen again. The highest number of reported incidents happened in 2015, when a total of 27 passengers toppled over the barrier and into the ocean.

These numbers are extremely small considering 20 million people go on cruises each year, but it doesn't hurt to be extra careful about the lengths you go to get a selfie, where you go to the bathroom, and how eager you are to reenact scenes from Titanic. Read on to find out more about 14 vacationers who tumbled into the sea and lived to tell the tale.

Matt Sulem and Taylor Rock contributed to this article.