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Cinnabon apologized for tweeting out an insensitive memorial after the announcement of Carrie Fisher’s death
Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the founder of one of America’s most prestigious culinary schools, died in a car accident on Friday
A Welsh artist released a stunning stop-motion video painting a portrait of the late Gene Wilder entirely out of chocolate
UK restaurant owner Mohammed Zaman will serve 6 years in jail for negligence when a customer with a severe allergy died
The owner of an Indian restaurant is on trial for the death of a customer who died from eating an allergen-filled curry dish
Did you ever wonder if following a strict exercise regimen and/or dietary program really will help you live longer?
Prince, according to those close to him was a collector of mustard, and was obsessed with the ‘90s snack, Dunkaroos
Blue Bell ice cream has tracked a prime source of the listeria outbreak to a floor drain in a storage room at its Oklahoma plant
A four-year-old boy in Texas was killed after he tried to climb onto a barbecue pit built to resemble a revolver
Runner dies trying to complete Krispy Kreme Challenge, where competitors stuff their faces with doughnuts and run for charity