# China

Company announces the opening of its first international Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room in Shanghai in 2017
Archaeologists uncover an ancient brewery with ‘beer-making tool kits’ in underground rooms
First guide covering Shanghai will be published later this year
Bird- and pig-themed burgers come on new red and green buns
Customers who don’t want to peel their own shrimp can have a woman do it instead
The perpetrators say the endangered shark was dead when they found it
Dark oolong tea has a sweet aroma and a smoky, mellow flavor that lingers
Jellyfish, a popular seasonal appetizer in China, is the latest target of a profitable counterfeiting ring from scammers
Three restaurants in Southern China got rid of their robot servers because they were more trouble than they were worth
The ground swallowed 25 tons of a farmer’s fish