Flight Attendant Falls Off Plane While Preparing Food For Passengers: Watch The Scary Video

A flight attendant aboard a Xiamen Air Boeing 737 fell out of the stationary plane and onto the tarmac at Zhengzhou airport during a meal restock. The unidentified female attendant broke a bone in her chest but suffered no other major injuries from the high fall.

The incident was captured via airport surveillance camera, and the video was uploaded to Chinese social media site Weibo. It shows the food tray that the woman was bringing on to the plane falling beneath her while she attempts to hold onto the plane door to save herself from the fall. Unfortunately, she isn't able to hold on for long and quickly drops to the ground.

According to the South China Morning Post, this kind of accident is proving to be a common issue. This is now the second incident of a falling flight attendant — less than a month prior, a China Eastern Airlines employee fell from the rear door of a docked plane at Shenzhen airport. Didn't know flight attendants had to re-stock your meals themselves? Here are 20 things your flight attendant won't tell you.