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The protests took place at 2 restaurants in England
The Katsom people of Vanuatu believe that the Duke of Edinburgh is a divine being and the prophesied son of a volcano spirit
In 2015 a gang of thieves stole thousands of Jammie Dodgers cookies
The UK’s exit from the European Union may force Cadbury to sell smaller candy bars for the same price
The UK could become a bastion of top wines, thanks to the Earth’s changing temperatures and weather patterns
Brexit’s full effects on British food and agriculture is hard to predict, but experts caution that no sector will go unscathed
Thanks to a newly passed anti-obesity measure, the UK will begin taxing soft drinks based on their sugar content
The majority of British food and drink manufacturers would prefer to remain within the European Union
A record number of British people are changing their names as adults, including one 33-year-old who really loves burgers
A chef at the Kings Arms at Fleggburgh in the UK decided to take foie gras off his Valentine’s Day menu after repeated threats