Man Accuses Pizza Hut Of Using His Face On Delivery Boxes

A UK man has become a reluctant local celebrity after a face that he says looks suspiciously like his started appearing on Pizza Hut's delivery boxes. Now he says he suspects the chain got a photo of him while he was eating pizza and used it for their boxes without his permission. Pizza Hut says that's not him in the picture.

According to The Daily Mail, 39-year-old Nick Richardson from Redditch, Worcestershire, says he found out about the pizza box when a friend texted him a photo and said, "Why are you on my pizza box?"

The box is reportedly one of five designs being used by Pizza Hut in the UK. It features a short-haired man in a crew-neck T-shirt eating a big slice of pizza. The man in the picture is also wearing a ring on his pizza-eating hand.

Richardson says his friends and even his family members say the man on the pizza box looks just like him. Richardson also has short hair and a ring.

"I think it's me, my mum thinks it's me, my friends think it's me and my brother thinks it's me. I can't see how it's not me," he told The Daily Mail.

According to b/60, Richardson says he ate at a Pizza Hut with his son last August, and says the photo must have come from that visit. He also says he never gave Pizza Hut permission to use his photo or likeness.

Pizza Hut says the people on the boxes are Pizza Hut employees who gave permission for their photos to be used, and that the man in the photo is not Nick Richardson at all. For more unexpected food conflicts, check out these 10 wild chef feuds.