# alcoholism

A recent study has brought to light some seriously concerning data
Scientists in Japan say people age faster on a cellular level the more alcohol they drink
A new study has researched the effects of a drug used to treat asthma in Japan as an effective alcoholism cure
For the first time in 15 years, worldwide alcohol consumption levels have gone down, except in North America
Women have adopted drinking habits more similar to men, putting them at risk for alcohol-related health issues
A new theory from an Australian languages expert claims that the country’s accent developed over years of heavy drinking
A new study from the British Medical Journal states that light drinking for both men and women could pose a cancer risk
The Coalition Against Drug Abuse just put together an animated infographic detailing the harsh effects of drinking
A University of Vermont study shows a genetic link between having blue eyes and a propensity for alcohol dependence
A two-year report from the CDC reveals some troubling data about the rate of deaths by alcohol poisoning in the US