Foods That Help Cure A Stomachache

Tummy troubles got you down? There's nothing worse than an upset stomach that holds you back from doing (and eating) all the things that you want. We've all been there: those crippling stomach cramps, the sharp pangs of gas, the overstuffed feeling of bloat, and the tightness due to constipation. The pain, discomfort, and even embarrassment of stomachaches can be paralyzing and debilitating. But there's no need to let them slow you down.

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There are many reasons why your stomach feels like it's twisted into knots. Maybe that greasy double cheeseburger with ribbons of bacon gave you heartburn, or that tall chocolaty malted milk shake triggered latent lactose intolerance. Even eating too much fruit or chewing too much gum can turn your stomach.\

Not only can eating the wrong things adversely affect your gut, stress can also wreak havoc on your tummy. Gluten- and lactose-intolerance can make your stomach do summersaults, and medical conditions like GERD, irritable bowel syndrome, and gallstones can also give you a mean stomachache. Even stress can churn you stomach into an unsettled state. And don't forget those self-inflicted nights of nausea due to too much drinking.

Luckily, there are natural ways to soothe that stomachache, many of which are available in your fridge or pantry. When your stomach hurts, it may seem like a bad idea to eat, but there are foods that can naturally alleviate some kinds of stomachaches. The BRAT Diet — bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast — is made up of bland foods that can help to settle upset stomachs. Even certain herbal teas have properties that can come in handy when stomach issues need taming. While food may or may not be the culprit, it could be part of the solution to your tummy woes.



Applesauce is easy on the stomach and can sooth it when it is upset. It is easily digestible and can ease diarrhea and also, since it's high in fiber,relieve constipation.  



A well-known stomach soother, ginger can help ease nausea and curb diarrhea. With its carminative qualities, ginger can reduce gas and bloating. Plus, it can help with cramping pains and digestion. Make ginger tea, chew on ginger, or even suck on some ginger candies to help get your stomach on the mend. On top of all that, ginger is an antioxidant, so it can give your whole body a boost, not just your belly.

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