Food Trust's Second Philadelphia Night Market Of The Season

Food Trust will be hosting the second Night Market of the season in West Oak Lane on Thursday, June 20.

Night Market is the city's premier street food festival and brings together all types of vendors from local restaurants to food trucks. In total, there are usually about 50 to 60 vendors. The roving event is inspired by Asia's outdoor markets. It is held in up-and-coming neighborhoods in Philadelphia to celebrate the diverse food scene as well as the arts and culture Philadelphia has to offer.

Manager Diana Iskolsky Minkus told CBS Philadelphia that this event usually draws thousands of people every time.

The first Night Market was held in East Passunky in 2010. Since then Food Trust has hosted seven other Night Markets that attracted more than 100,000 guests and 300 food vendors.

The organization's main mission is to ensure that everyone has accesses to affordable, nutritious food and information to make healthy decisions.