Food Stamps Accepted by Local Farmers’ Market Vendors

SNAP and EBT cards now accepted at Princeton Farmers’ Market

Every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the warmer months of the year, the Princeton Farmers’ Market provides a selling ground for local farmers and buying ground for those looking for locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables. Recently, the market announced plans to help provide for those in need, as well.

Earlier this morning, market manager Judith Robinson announced to the Princeton Patch that they are now accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program aid, more commonly known as food stamps. 

Princeton's Farmers' Market was launched four years ago as an effort to provide fresh produce for the neighborhood, and now it's making strides to include the entire community — no matter what their income. After announcing their acceptance of food stamps, Robinson explained that they will be making additional strides to help those in need in the Princeton area.

"I am meeting with Dave Davis of the Nassau Presbyterian Church to set up a presentation to the Princeton Minister Alliance to explore how the market could be beneficial to those in need," she announced. 


Although its noted for its wealthy population, Princeton, N.J., still has families who qualify under federal poverty guidelines, and the market may help provide them with healthier eating lifestyles.